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 In today’s post, I would like to introduce you all to a designer, who is keeping the tradition of Indian metal handicrafts alive by incorporating the art in her customized invites. Please allow me to welcome the very beautiful and extremely talented Anam Dehlvi Abdullah, Founder- Opium Celebrations.
LMW)Hi Anam! A very warm welcome on behalf of the readers of Lilmrswifey. Please tell us something about yourself and your journey. We would love to hear your story.
Anam) I have always been very academically inclined, so I decided to go for a Degree in Life Sciences. Although I enjoyed the course,  I soon realized that I was meant to do something more creative. After I got married to my soulmate, I was introduced to the world of metal crafting-something which his family had been working on for generations. I found this extremely intriguing and was happy to carry forward the tradition of artisanal  handcraftsmanship of India, through Couture Invitations. I launched my brand “OPIUM CELEBRATIONS” which focuses on crafting personalized invitations for priceless moments of your life. I am lucky to have a growing list of clientele, who show faith in my work and appreciation for my designs.
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LMW)Who do you turn to for business-related advice? Is there any special person who guides you?
Anam) My husband and father-in-law have been the pillars of support in my life.
   They are extremely good at what they do and are always there to offer their expert advice.Dad has an eye for the tiniest details in designs, so I turn to him for  design related issues.
    My husband is there for all my marketing and management queries.
LMW)We know that you have a beautiful family to take care of. How do you manage your hectic schedule with a baby on board?
Anam) I have the most amazing and supportive family and I cannot imagine doing what I do without them. My daughter is the most amazing thing that has happened to me and she is the joy of my life.  My mother-in-law is always there for me and she is more of a mother than a grand mother to my daughter. She is there to take care of her, whenever I am not around and this gives me the peace of mind to focus on my projects.
LMW)Where do you draw inspiration for your designs from?
Anam) I seek beauty in everything around me. Most of my designs are inspired by Mother Nature, who is an artist extraordinaire. Little butterflies, delicate rose petals, a bird’s nest- you will find elements of all these beautiful creations in my designs. I aspire to turn my brand into something which speaks for itself, and is a class apart from the rest.
LMW)Can you please share with our readers some of the latest trends in Couture Wedding Invitations?
Anam) Occassions have become bigger and more extravagant these days. Everyone wants something different and that is what we do-
  we personlize the invites according to the taste and style of the clients.
 Box with the cards and some mithai(sweetmeats) has become a thing of the past. People include boutique chocolates, handcrafted frames and so many additional gifts with the main invite.
LMW)How do you like to unwind after a busy day? Any happy places that you like to go to?
Anam) I love to spend any free time with my daughter, taking her to malls and toy stores.
Apart from that, I love my coffee and books.
LMW)Just like your designs, your fashion is also very eclectic. What do you like to wear for a) A Wedding b) Day out with the family ?
 Anam) I am more of a casual person. So with my family I am dressed casually.
For weddings, I’m into floor length gowns these days as I think they make you look so chic and can be styled in a myriad ways.
LMW) And one final question before I take your leave. A piece of advice for all our beautiful aspiring women entrepreneurs. 
Anam) Well being a woman is not easy but only a woman has the power to do so many things at a time. From being a daughter, a wife,a daughter in law and a mother-she plays many roles effortlessly. Remember to be who you are and remain true to yourself.
If you want to do something just go for it, hard work always pays.
Thank you so much for speaking with us dear Anam. We wish you great success in all that you do. <3
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For more info, check out her website: http://opiumcelebrations.com/
Until next time..
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