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Hello my beautiful people!Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^

2006- the fateful year when my younger sister introduced me to the world of KPop and Korean dramas, and ever since the two of us have been riding high on the Hallyu wave.Along with the too-good-to-be-true entertainment culture, I am a die hard fan of Korean skincare and beauty rituals. Having worked at a Korean place with an office full of Hanguk sarams you can trust me when I say this..yes!the deal is real guys.Koreans are at the top of their beauty game.And no, it’s not just the Hallyu stars that I am talking about, even the namjas of my office used to pay so much attention to their daily skincare routine. Dayum!

If you too share my love for Korean beauty trends, Wishtrend TV on Youtube must be on your playlist (Vitamic C20 Serum anyone?). And I am so excited to share my little tete-a-tete with their Korean Beauty Guru (and former KPop Girl Group trainee) Eunice Cho.

i) Lil Mrs Wifey: Hi Eunice! Annyeonghaseyo and welcome to Lil Mrs Wifey’s blog :)Thank you so much for taking out time for my readers. First of all I would like to compliment you for being such a wonderful host on Wishtrend TV. It’s so much fun learning all those beauty tips and tricks from you. It would be awesome if you can share something about your life and how you became a Youtube Beauty Guru.

Eunice: Thank you so much for loving Wishtrend TV and me! I can say that my life is really “something!” I can def. say that I had a pretty crazy life, in a good way! I lived in America through elementary school to high school for about 10 years. I came back to Korea because our family couldn’t get a green card. It was really tough for me in the beginning to adjust in Korea, but I got picked up from an entertainment company on the street and started my career as Korea MTV POP MC! That was the beginning of my career and I’ve been in movies, dramas and I also was a trainee for 3 years in a girl group! All these experiences made me who I am now as a Youtuber and made me fall in love with beauty also!


ii) LMW: The Korean 7 Step Beauty routine has been taking the world by storm.We even have the newer 10 and 12 step routines now. What according to you are the most important steps which my readers should not miss out on?

Eunice: Well, personally for me because I have such sensitive skin, I have to keep diligent! We all do right ladies and gentlemen? The steps that we take are all important but I think 2 are extra important!1st step is never letting your skin be naked! What I mean by that is, I never ever let my skin be bare without any products on them! Which means, right after I wash my face, I don’t wipe the water away with a towel, but I get a cotton pad soaked with my toner and I put on the toner on my face with the water on it! Don’t let your skin be 1 sec without moisture!

2nd step is cleansing! No matter how lazy I am, no matter how drunk I get(r u feeling me?), I never EVER just go to bed without cleansing my face. I shall never! Haha! That’s one rule I have with myself! Cleansing is so important, and I know we all know that. But to prevent skin trouble, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to cleanse thoroughly.


iii)LMW:  We all believe in the saying that-you are what you eat and your skin Eunice, shines with such a healthy glow. Any special food that is a secret to your beauty?
Eunice: Well, I will take that in as a compliment, thank you. BUT, that’s not the case for me all the time haha. It’s probably because I have makeup on videos all the time, but I do break out right before my period and I have blemishes also! But there are a few habits that I want to share that changed my life and changed my skin! I drink lots of water! I mean lots! I drink 2L of water every single day! I used to drink water all the time, my nickname used to be a camel from junior high school!
   I also recently did a challenge on Wishtrend TV to drink 2L of water every single day and that has changed my skin tone so much! Not to mention how moisturizing and bright my skin tone overall looks! It’s free and it’s the easiest and cheapest habit that is just priceless if you can get used to it! The only bad thing is you have to go to the restroom A LOT! HAHA! But, you’ll get used it so I really hope everyone tries this one!
   I also eat seasonal fruits! Korea has some bomb fruits! They are soooo delicious! They are not cheap but I think about it as a gift to myself and my body because my body is important! One thought I want to share that changed my eating habit is, “You are stuck with this body for another 70-80 years!”
iv) LMW: Summers are approaching and all of us will soon be dealing with harsh sunlight and humid weather. Any tips from your box of Korean beauty secrets?

Eunice: Block Block Block! We have to block the sunrays! I can not emphasize how important it is for us to put sun block on. For me, during the summer time, I ALWAYS put sun block on every 4-5 hours! More often is better but since we are all busy with school and work, it’s REALLY important that you put another layer on top! If you have makeup on, just use a thin thin layer of your bb cream or foundation on top! Trust me, this habit will keep our skin young and fresh for a longer time! It’s the best self care we can do for anti-aging!  I always carry around mist also! It’s not GREAT for moisturizing but it’s great for cooling your skin during these hot weathers! Especially if you have acne prone skin like myself, you know that we break out more during the summer time so it really be really helpful to keep your face temperature down.


v) LMW: Before signing off, what message would you like to give all the beautiful ladies (and men too!) reading this interview?

Eunice: Well, I want to say first of all thank you so much for giving me this opportunity for me to share my a bit of myself and my tips! The reason why I started talking about beauty was because I suffered a lot from acne problems and I even dealt with depression because of it. I understand what is feels like and hard it can get. That’s the reason why I started sharing my experiences, the products that worked for me, and my tips! I honestly wanted to just share and help even a bit or someone who is suffering from finding the right toner for themselves because they can’t find a toner that doesn’t sting their skin! My tips lead to me being the main host at Wishtrend TV and now even having my own youtube channel!As cliché as it may sound, You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. Please know that. Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. It’s your life. You will live it. You have to be your very best friend until the day you die! Please don’t be so hard on yourself! Compliment yourself, love yourself and you will glow! I guarantee! Thanks for being you! <3



  1.       Favorite Korean food – Bulgogi
  2.       Fav KPop band- Big Bang(no doubt)
  3.       Fav Korean actor- Hwang Jung Min
  4.       Fav Korean drama of all times- What Happened in Bali
  5.       Most beautiful Korean celebrity according to you – Jung Yu Mi

Thank you so much once again!It was so much fun having this chat with you dearest Eunice!Lots of love and warm hugs coming your way!May you have a super-successful year ahead. 화이팅!  <3

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PS: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing my love for K-Beauty with u peeps!


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