Therapeutic Thursdays: Detox Foot Bath

detox foot bath


Each morning I wake up to the sound of multiple alarms on my phone and even before I can look at the clock, the Yahoo weather app pops up in front of me. -8 degrees..yup, I feel like I have been transported to a freezer or something. My hubz says that it is still warmer than New York where, according to him, people can be seen flying (along with the signboards) cz of the icy winds. This is enough to temporarily put a pause to my constant whining and I head to the kitchen to make some tea. I put in generous amounts of black pepper and scrape a cupful of ginger, a teaspoon of which I put in the tea and the rest I save for my foot detox bath. And today’s post on Therapeutic Thursdays will feature this insanely easy but extremely effective technique to kick ’em toxins out of your body!

According to traditional Ayurvedic texts, Ginger is a super-spice! Apart from aiding digestion and facilitating better circulation in the body, it also helps open our pores and release toxins through the sweat.Which toxins am I talking ’bout here, incase you are wondering, lemme give you a reality check. Toxins are present everywhere around us-in the air that we breathe, water that we drink and the food that we eat. They cause harm to the body’s internal organs and if left unchecked, can alter the functions of the organs and cause diseases. Although our body has it’s inbuilt toxin elimination system, we can also help enhance it’s detoxification process by following some simple detox methods. My favorite one being the Ginger footbath detox. Well firstly because it’s less work for me( other detox methods are tiresome, you mix and match herbal potions and drink them every day of the week till your body feels cleansed.) and secondly, because it helps me unwind. You know, there’s nothing like soaking your tired feet in a tub of hot water and letting the liquid massage your aching muscles while you sit back and relax in your own little home-spa! Let me quickly take you through the procedure.
1 cup of grated ginger
2 tablespoons of salt (whatever is lying in your kitchen-Iodized/Himalayan/ Rocksalt/Seasalt)
1 teabag of green tea 
Few drops of essential oil (I like Teatree and Lavender!)
Hot water (enough quantity to comfortably soak your feet in.Also keep some extra for a refill!)
Fill your bath tub (even a bucket will do!) with the hot water and add the ginger,salt,teabag and oil to it. Let the ingredients seep in the water for around 4-5 minutes. While your detox potion is getting ready, make yourself a cup of herbal green tea, light a scented candle and play some soft music( matter how cheesy it sounds, I love to create a nice ambience while I am at it! 😀 Take a comfortable position and sit down, soak your feet in the water and let it work it’s magic! You know how it is in the sauna right, the detox bath will have a sauna like effect and your pores will begin to open slowly. Make sure to refill once the water is beginning to get cold.A nice 15-20 minutes foot soak is ideal for your detox and it can be done on alternate days.Hope you like this as much as I do.Do try out and let me know the results.
I leave you with a thought-Toxins are not just physical stuff. They can be old ideas, bad relationships, nasty habits or burdens of the past.Make sure to leave all your negative thoughts behind and declutter..for our mind needs detoxing too!Until next time..



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