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Hello my angels!

I hope you all are excited for the upcoming holiday season..I am so looking forward to family reunions, get-together with friends and office parties! And amidst all the hectic home cleaning, recipe R&Ds and party outfit planning I think we really need all the help we can to look put-together in the midst of all that chaos ūüėÄ What better time to share something that I have been using for well over a month now and loving to bits-the hassle-free, at-home teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant!FYI-not a sponsored post! I was sent Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays to try and was under no obligation to write about them. Yet I chose to share my experience with all you people (girls and boys), who are tired of using whitening strips which never seem to work on our caffeine inflicted teeth discoloration. I am not leaving my chai yo and hell not drinking it with a straw either! So if you are in the same boat as me, and tired of trying out every available toothpaste that your meagre income can buy and even saving up enough to get the occasional dental whitening done professionally-this kit is God sent!

After receiving the teeth whitening kit, I first made my dental impressions using the Catalyst and Base Paste which are actually like mouldable clay. This was kindergarten all over again as these playdough like clays were so much fun to work with. Creating the impressions was pretty simple and took under two minutes for each. I mailed them back to Smile Brilliant, who created my custom teeth whitening trays and sent them back in under a week!

The whitening process was pretty easy too. I used the trays, as recommended, at the end of each day after my nightly brushing routine. The first step is to put a small amount of whitening gel (green syringe) in the trays and let it stay on your teeth for about an hour. After removing and rinsing the trays, the last step is to use the desensitizing gel to help eliminate any sort of sensitivity that your teeth or gums experience after the whitening process. This step should take just about 15-20 minutes and you are done! Waking up in the morning with a brighter smile really made me feel better and did not stop me from refilling on my chai :D!

If you want to try these out for yourself or gift them to a loved one you can get 5% off by entering Coupon Code: lilmrswifey on the site here!

They are also hosting a sweet giveaway where you can enter your name and email address to enter the contest. Giveaway URL:

Lastly, a before and after for you guys!

Stay warm sweetpeas <3

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