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After a short hiatus, I am back to blogging with a very special interview featuring the lovely Kylie Revense(A beautiful person inside-out)- who juggles Plus-size modelling and Fashion Designing, along with being a full time momma to a lil baby girl. Read on to find out more about her life till now, the holy grail skincare product that she swears by, how she got back at them bullies and more! This tête-à-tête is sure to give you the push to leave behind all those insecurities and take that plunge to go for your dreams! 


LMW) Hi Kylie! A very warm welcome on behalf of the readers of Lilmrswifey. Please tell us something about yourself and your journey to the world of plus size modeling.

Kylie) Thanks so much for having me! Well I am 25, I’ve been married for almost six years to an amazing man and together we have a beautiful little girl, soon to be four.

My journey started when I was a small child. Unfortunately I was the subject of bullying in my early years, from that I grew to be very insecure and very quiet. I had allowed my insecurities to become so ingrained within me that they became, ironically, a security blanket. I held onto that blanket for most of life, using my size as an excuse to not pursue my dreams of fashion design and modeling.

I met my husband when I was 18, and from that point on, he helped me see myself through his eyes and over the six years we’ve been together I have been able to slowly let that “security” blanket go. I am so blessed to have wonderful support from family and friends, people with genuine faith in me and my talents. With that love and support, I went to the fashion design program at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. While in college I learned a lot about myself, my talents, my aesthetic and my abilty to juggle having a family of my own. I have met so many wonderful fellow designers while in school and working in the fashion industry. Their support and kindness pushed me over the edge to really put myself out there for modeling. Sharing my love of a classic aesthetic with the world that overall has shown me a lot of kindness.

LMW) We all have that one person who shows immense faith in all that we do.Who has been your constant supporter?

Kylie) There are three people who have always been there for me.

My number one support, my loving husband. He has always been there, for tears, for the laughter and everything in between.
Next is my angel daughter. She is literally an angel on earth. Having her had softened my heart so much over the few years she’s been in my life.
And last but not least, my older brother Zach.  Since I was a child he’s been there, holding my hand, telling me that I’m worth everything wonderful and my most consistent support. He has always been there and will always be there to help anyway he can.


LMW) We know that you have a beautiful family to take care of. The life of a momma is super busy! How do you manage to look this gorgeous with a baby on board?

Kylie) Plenty of help! I’m so grateful to have a husband willing to pick up the slack, parents close by who adore my daughter and my brother who is an incredible uncle.  They give me time to have “me time”, work on projects and pursue my goals.

LMW) What are the kinds of outfits you like to wear a) On a casual day out b) Date night ?

Kylie) Casual day out, great maxi dresses with bold prints are a total must! Especially in the summer heat, they are simple, light and easy to accessorize.

For date night, I love a fun and flirty pencil skirt  or great jeans paired with a structured blouse. A light jacket adds that extra oomph. Throw in a simple clutch and a statement necklace, you and your love are ready for a night on the town.

LMW) The world of plus size modeling is fairly new.Who are the women you look upto?

Kylie) Tess Holliday is a no brainer. I’ve been following her career for a few years and back in February I was able to meet her. I met her at a pinup shoot and she was there as a consultant. She was a major catalyst for me getting into modeling, telling me that have a real future in this field.

LMW) How do you like to unwind after a busy day? Any skin rituals that you follow?

Kylie) After a long day, I like to sit on the couch with hubby and watch a sitcom. As far as skin care is concerned, I use delicate baby wash and vodka (yes I know it sounds odd) as a great toner to minimize pores.


LMW) And one final question before I take your leave. A piece of advice for all our beautiful aspiring plus size models.

Kylie) Fake it till you make it! Believing your dreams are your current reality will make it happen. Manifest what you want and you’ll get there, no doubt.

Thank you once again for sharing that secret Mantra and all these wonderful things about your life. We wish you super-success in your future endeavors!Xoxo from all of us <3

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Until next time..


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