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Hope you all had a wonderful egg hunting season and now with the elaborate festival meals behind you, you must be on the lookout for the next big challenge?The life of a lady is filled with experimentation. We love to try something new everytime-be it a fancy dish, complicated hairdo or a never before tried hobby. And I was really excited to stumble upon something which I never in my 25 years of existence could have imagined myself doing-Weaving. Yes my friends, this granny-hobby has me hooked. From simple weaves I am progressing towards elaborate Macrame and I thought I should be sharing this with you all(In case you haven’t tried it yet!).

It all started when I was browsing through pinterest for some decor ideas for my new apartment (moving in a week), and I came across these boho-and-flowy-and-elegant-looking-woven-wall-hangings and I was like wow!I need these in my life! I spent an entire afternoon looking at some beautiful macrame and woven wall hangings, plant holders, hammocks, bed headboards and what not. I browsed through the works of Macrame’ artists Sally England and saw this lovely interview of Emily Katz. I felt this sudden urge to try it out and hubz took me to hobby lobby,where I grabbed some supplies and rushed back home to start my new diy. I had seen a couple of videos and although I wasn’t sure if my stocky fingers could daintily follow the over-under-over-under pattern, I decided to try it out anyways. The end product took me a good few hours but I was happy with it, not so bad for a first timer eh..I think so 😀 Now I want to add a few tassels and pompoms here and there to give it a fuller look.


For those of you who are new to the macrame’ thing, it’s basically a form of textile making using the knotting technique. So you join pieces of ropes or long fabric, using different styles of knots and create something fabulous! Sharing with you all some of my favorite pieces.


Sally England is a celebrated Macrame’ Guru from Michigan, who has revived this art and how! The featured image is also one of her commissioned works. Her genius is beyond compare.


Headboard for Room 420 in ACE Hotel, Portland, Oregon by Sally


Gorgeous plant hangers by Emily Katz




Some img via Tumblr

As for me, well I hope I can make my loops tighter and my designs more vivid, till then I have a big bunch of yarns to practice with. Do share with me your weaving adventures. Until next time..

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