MiLi Pure 2 Skin Moisture Meter Review + Discount Code

Mili Pure 2Hello my beautiful people! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! I spent all three days relaxing in the most awe-inspiring desert city of Palm Springs and spent several sunny hours soaking in the beauty of this magical place! From the unending rows of dreamy windmills to the scary high aerial tram and the dinner at Mount San Jacinto-this much needed break was filled with unexpected surprises. A great weekend spent in the company of loved ones. Skincare was maximum + makeup was minimal, and an integral part of my weekend in the desert was the MiLi Pure 2 Skin Moisture Analyzer. If you are loyal K-beauty enthusiasts, you probably have this in your kit already. If this is your first time hearing about this awesome beauty gadget, I suggest you give this post a read through!

MiLi Pure 2 is a powerful, portable skin moisture meter that tracks your skins health over time through a smart mobile app. 

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Non-Replaceable with 2-Year Lifetime of 2 Minutes Use per Day
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 using iOS7+ or Android 4.3+
Size: 2.6in x 1.1in x 0.8in (almost the size of my pinky finger!)
Weight: 0.6oz

-Warranty: 1 year
-Battery Life: 2 years

Mili Pure 2 Skin Moisture Analyzer

-Start the MiLi App and press the button on the bottom of the MiLi Pure. The Pure will connect to your SmartPhone via Bluetooth.
-Select an area of the body to test and press the Probe contacts gently against the skin for 5 full seconds to get the most accurate measurement.
-Use as often as desired. The App will record all measurements automatically.
-Keep the Probe Contacts clean and dry.

Mili Pure 2 AppPROS:
-In 5 seconds, the MiLi Pure detects the level of moisture in your skin.
-Measure your Hand, Face, Eye and Neck to give you powerful insight into your skin’s condition.
-All measurements are recorded by the Free Pure SmartPhone App.
-The MiLi Probe is Skin-Friendly and comes with a protective cap.
-Based on your Gender, Age, Skin Type and current Skin-Moisture, the MiLi Pure SmartPhone App will provide Personalized Tips on Skin Care and Hydration.
-The App automatically generates charts of how your skin moisture has changed over time. Display a Chart for Today, This Week or This Month for Hand, Face, Eye and Neck.
By viewing the Historical Charts, you can eliminate the guesswork and really know if a Skin Care product is working for you to prevent Dry Skin.
-The embedded Swarovski® Crystal gives the MiLi Pure an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Mili Pure 2 Skin Moisture Analyzer


Mili Pure 2 Skin Moisture AnalyzerVERDICT:
This gadget is for all skincare lovers, from the newbie, to the enthusiast and the pro. Everyone! You can track the performance of your new products-instantly measure how hydrated/de-hydrated it is making your skin. You can see how your skin’s moisture level changes over the day, over the seasons and even with changing stress levels. It is so compact that it can fit in the smallest purse and you can take it with you everywhere-with no hassle of charging or replacing batteries!

I kid-you-not, if there is one gift I want to give all the ladies in my family it is this Swarovski embellished skincare gadget. A MUST BUY!

Click to buy the MiLi Pure 2 Skin Moisture Meter!
Discount code: MILIPEOPLE30  (Valid till September 30, 2017)

See you soon in my next review! ^_^

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