Happy Mail from Lotte + Huge Giveaway


Hello beautiful people! Hope you all are enjoying your summer to the fullest. I have been spending way too much time by the pool, sometimes swimming, sometimes on the floatie-but always munching some snack or the other. There is somethung about this weather and the water that makes me hungry all the time. So my joys knew no bounds when I received the happiest mail from one of my most favorite  snack companies. The one that makes the wildly popular Choco Pie? Yes you guessed it right-LOTTE!

This Korean company makes some of the most amazing snacks that are so cool to munch on while watching Netflix or taking a dip in a pool. What is cooler is the fact that they are giving me an opportunity to give one of you guys your very own Sweet Box featuring some of the yummiest treats from Lotte.

Sharing all the goodies that come in the Sweet Box, with you all!

1. CHOCO PIEchoco pie is a snack cake consisting of two small round layers of cake with marshmallow filling with chocolate covering.

 2. KANCHO CHOCO BISCUITKancho are tasty round Korean biscuits filled with chocolate. The packaging is adorable, and features a love theme with a biscuit cupid and little biscuits kissing each other. Each biscuit is printed with kawaii pictures of the Kancho characters and random objects. 

 3. ANYTIME MINT- Sugar-free, Milky-mint hard candy Individually wrapped.

4. YOGURT JELLY-Yogurt flavored Jelly gummy bears.

 5. BUTTER COCONUT SWEET BISCUIT-Crunchy, buttery biscuits infused with a light coconut flavor. Taste the little flakes of coconut in each bite! The biscuits are dusted with bits of sugar crystals for a yummy, sweet snack. 


6. MALANG COW CANDY- Lotte food best selling product. The fluffy texture of candy made by the aeration process.The taste of cloud, chewing candy.Made of fresh grade milk Mashmallow candy.

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