DIY Beauty: Natural Face Cleansers For Different Skin Types


The first and most important step of daily skincare regime is Cleansing. It is an essential process which helps clean the skin and remove any traces of dust, pollution or makeup. An ideal skincare routine involves cleansing your face two times in a day (morning and evening), hence using the right cleanser is important so that it cleans the skin while maintaining it’s pH balance.Let’s take a look at some natural cleansers for different skin types!

i) MILK:

Skin type – All (Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination)


METHOD - Take 1/2 a cup of cold milk (not boiled) and soak a cotton ball in it. Gently wipe your face and neck with this.Take a fresh cotton ball and repeat. Alternately, you can also apply the milk allover your face and neck, when it dries up apply another layer and let that dry too. Wash it off with warm water and see how clean your skin feels!
BENEFITS - Milk is a natural cleanser with exfoliating properties due to the presence of enzymes like lipase, proteases and lacto-peroxidase. It owes it’s moisturizing properties to water and fat contents. It also has a good amount of protein and mineral content which make it anti-aging.


Skin type – Oily, Combination, Normal

METHOD- Take some rosewater on a cotton ball and gently wipe your face and neck with it to remove traces of dirt and makeup.
BENEFITS-The anti-bacterial properties of natural rose water helps to fight acne and dermatitis. It also tones the skin while maintaining it's pH balance.


Skin type – Oily, Combination

METHOD -To 2 tablespoons of gram flour(besan) add a pinch of turmeric. Add rosewater or milk to make a thick paste. Apply this allover your face and neck, let it dry completely and wash it off with warm water. Alternately, you can also use this as you would use a face scrub. Make a thicker paste and apply it allover your face and neck in circular motion. Rinse off with warm water.
BENEFITS-Turmeric is a super spice, according to ancient Ayurvedic texts. It has antibacterial, anti-allergic and antiseptic properties and is extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin. Gram flour is a gentle exfoliator and helps remove dirt and makeup, along with the dead cells of the skin.


Skin type – Dry

METHOD- Take a tablespoon of yogurt and mix a tablespoon of honey in it.Apply it allover your face and neck and leave it 
on for a good 3-5 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
BENEFITS- The presence of lactic acid in yogurt, smooths out dry skin and helps to prevent premature aging. It also cleans out the dead skin cells, which are the major cause for dry and dull looking skin. Honey on the other hand is a natural 
humectant (it draws moisture from the air and keeps the skin hydrated).


Skin type – Normal, Combination

METHOD- Grate a cucumber and squeeze it to extract the juice. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and clean your face and neck with this.Repeat if necessary. Alternately, you can apply the juice allover your face(including eyelids) and neck. Let it dry 
and wash off with warm water.
BENEFITS- Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin K , which are antioxidants-extremely beneficial for your 
skin. Vitamin A present in the cucumber controls our skin's melanin production and helps fight dark spots.


Skin type- Normal, Dry

METHOD- To two tablespoons of oatmeal, add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of milk. Mix well and apply this paste allover your face. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes and gently pat some warm water on your face. Start scrubbing your skin in a circular motion and wash off with warm water.
BENEFITS- Oatmeal contains complex sugars and fats which help soothe itchy, dry skin.The polysaccharides — basically complex sugars — in the oats, leave a “gelatinous” residue on your skin and combats dryness. The milk and honey on the other hand provide the required hydration and moisture.
Hope you can make use of all the good stuff lying around in your kitchen to make your own DIY Cleansers! Until next time..


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