DIY Beauty: How To Brighten And Whiten Skin Naturally With Rice


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I was all excited about an outdoor outfit shoot today, but the rain Gods thought I would be better off  inside!So I scrapped the plan and decided to re-make some of my everyday DIY beauty essentials instead. If you have been following my blog you would probably know me as person who is a firm believer in nature’s healing powers. Maybe it has got something to do with where I come from-Ayurveda is the way of life back home. And today’s post is all about how a kitchen ingredient(or two), has the power to turn into a potent beauty booster!Sounds too dramatic cool ? Read on!

have always been in awe of the healthy and glowing skin of almost all the Japanese women that I know(きれい)! Their face radiates with the glow of inner health and beauty! Amongst the best kept secrets(or not) of East Asian skincare routine is the use of rice and it’s products. Yup, Rice is said to be an elixir of youthful looking beautiful skin. No wonder there are scores of rice based CTM products in the market these days.So what is it that makes this grain so wonderful? Well white rice contains Thiamin or Vitamin B1  along with Vitamin C, E and minerals, which reduce the appearance of pores, brighten and whiten skin along with keeping it soft and supple. It also helps remove tanning and darkness caused by the harmful rays of the sun!So let’s get started and whip out 3 different DIYs for beautiful looking skin!



PREPARATION: Take 1 cup of rice.Gently wash it with water once or twice to remove any unwanted material. Soak it for 10 minutes in 2 cups of warm water. Remove the rice grains and keep it for the next DIY!The white, translucent looking rice water can now be used in place of your regular toner!


APPLICATION: After cleansing your face, take the rice water in your palms and gently pat it allover your face and neck. Repeat it a couple of times. Follow with your regular moisturizer!



PREPARATION: Take the leftover rice (from the previous DIY) and transfer it to your mixer. Create a coarse paste and transfer it to a bowl. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of rose water (you can use some milk if you don't have rose water!)


APPLICATION: When your face requires some extra exfoliation, use this inplace of your regular exfoliator. After cleansing your face, take out some amount of the rice exfoliator from the bowl and gently massage it allover your face in circular motions.Make sure to massage areas like the sides of your nose or any other spots which are prone to whiteheads/blackheads. Wash off with warm water and follow with the rice toner.




PREPARATION: Take 1 rice paper and gently transfer it to a flat plate filled with milk and a pinch of turmeric. After 50-60 seconds, it will become soft and slimy.Remove the rice paper and cut out areas for your eyes and nose.
Alternately, if you don't have rice paper, you can use the rice paste(from DIY 2) and mix it with milk and turmeric to form a mask.


APPLICATION: This can be a great alternative to your regular sheet mask. Lie down and apply this sheet on your face. Keep it for around 15 minutes till your face absorbs the liquid and gets dried. Wash off with warm water. 

Hope you enjoyed these easy and extremely beneficial beauty hacks.Do try out and let me know all about your experiences with this magical grain!Until next time..


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