DIY Beauty: BB Cream hacks (4 different ways to use BB Cream)

bbfinThe BB cream boom has been on for quite sometime now. Originally formulated in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek, it was introduced to the East Asian market in the 1980’s and has hence been hugely marketed as the beauty secret of Korean Actresses! This all-in-one blemish balm cream has multiple properties like skin whitening, anti-wrinkle and skin-regeneration.Let’s take a look at some innovative uses of this multi-tasker!

1. DIY Tinted Moisturizer

tt1Take 2 pumps of your daily moisturizer and blend in 1 pump of the BB Cream. Mix well and apply allover your face. This is the perfect dupe for your tinted moisturizer-evens the skin tone while moisturizing the skin.

2. DIY Makeup Base

tt4After applying your moisturizer, gently dab the BB Cream on your face and apply it all over, using your fingertips. Now apply your foundation over this.Works well as your makeup base and makes your foundation last longer!

3. DIY Cream Blush

tt2Take 1 pump of the BB Cream. Gently scoop out a small amount of matte lipgloss or lipstick and mix it with the bb cream. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks as a blush.

4. DIY Face Brightener

tt3Take 2 pumps of face serum and mix in 1 pump of BB Cream. Gently apply it allover your face to get healthy looking, dewy skin!

Hope you had fun with these DIY Beauty hacks. Until next time!

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