Heart has no age, we are as old as we let ourselves be…..
Yesterday, while strolling at a book store I found this section of activity books which grabbed my attention, it had colouring books for adults, it seemed to be too amusing to be true, but then out of curiosity I opened one, and WOW – it had fab designs and plot for intricate colouring.

Without a second thought I brought a copy home, started colouring it, and to my surprise I was enjoying every bit of it, feeling free and liberated, I realised that my mood affects my color choices (and vice versa), and the sight of my creation gave me happiness and peace – very much inline with the book’s USP – of being a stress buster. It’s really an amazing piece of work from Mandalas which can give us a breather to meet ‘ourselves’ in this rocket speed world.

So people, take out time and try this – few moments away from your digital lives – it’s a refresh button with a ‘Smiling’ Smiley on it.



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