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When people ask me why i love Japan, it takes me a while to answer that question. Because Nihon is not just a country for me, it is a feeling, an experience, a culture so beautiful that I feel one life isn’t enough to soak in it’s beauty and live in it’s many stories. As my blog turns a month old and this is my first Christmas with all you lovely readers, it would be befitting, i thought, to interview and feature, fashion influencers from my beloved Japan.

The first in this 3 part interview series features the Hapa Stunner ( Japanese-Thai) Akino Nariko Yamaguchi, who juggles life as a Fashion blogger, influencer, singer, event organizer and show host.I chanced upon her blog in late 2011 when I was researching about fashion influencers and bloggers who have carved a niche’ for themselves in the era when fashion blogging was comparatively new and unexplored.I feel truly honored and extremely excited to share with you all that she has also styled a Christmas Special outfit, specially for limrswifey’s readers! ˆ⁰ˆ

1) LMW: Akino san, Yokoso! Thank you very much for taking out time for our readers! I have always wanted to know the story behind your blog.What was that defining moment when you thought about sharing your style with the world? 

Akino san: That moment? When I realised that friends always ask me where I get my stuff. Then I thought, why not I share the detail of what I wear daily on a blog? So yes, all my outfits are real, meaning, what I really wear. That’s how it started. Now my blog talks more than fashion…. beauty, fitness, and even relationship… lol!


2) LMW: Your outfit posts are always so chic and edgy. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Akino san: My inspiration comes from various places, but I have a concept to my style… Feminine with Edge.

3) LMW: Please tell us something about the Holiday look that you have styled for our readers today. I’m so happy to see the regular-girl-glam look you have created !

Akino san: I live in Bangkok, meaning, there is no such thing as winter… lol…  So I’m integrating the color and texture to give that fun and festive vibe to this look.


4) LMW: You know me, I can’t end this interview without asking you about your fitness regime and diet tips. You have such a beautifully sculpted physique and we would be all ears to some pointers from your daily routine!

Akino san: I go to gym 3 times a week, and about to add a cardio day into the routine. At the gym, I do weight lifting. Food and diet… I don’t starve myself, I eat like crazy. I don’t count calories, I check my macro. My goal is to build lean muscle to help me turn into a burning machine to burn those fat away.


5)LMW: Before signing off, I would like to quickly ask you about some of the trends from 2014 which you would like to carry forward in your 2015 lookbook.

Akino san:There are so many stuff I love about 2014, but I would definitely go with the mid rings or knuckle rings. Oh I love rings! Also I still like the flash tattoo.

To know more about this beauty, follow her Social Media Accounts:!/Akinoyuutsu

I can’t wait to see how you all recreate this look! Happy, Happy Holidays folks!
Until next time..
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