Hello y’all (;-_-)ノ

This past week has been extremely tough and in the midst of all that I have been trying really hard to customize the look and feel of my blog. Although I have a long long way to go (gazillion ideas to incorporate), it still feels good to have created something from scratch..step by step. My best friend suffered a major personal loss (May Godbless her father’s dear departed soul! 🙁 )and I have never felt so helpless (sitting nearly 9,000 miles away from her.). How I wish I could fly down to meet her and give her the comfort she requires at the moment..I’m finally starting to realize the pains of growing up. It is so difficult for me to read her texts and hold back my tears, all I do is pray for her and the family, may the Almighty give them the strength to overcome this loss. I would request you all to please remember them in your prayers!

In other news, my blog completed 1 full month on netosphere and I’m roaming all around the house with my chest puffed up, big smile, the works. Although the celebrations were dampened by the sad news, I will be coming out with a special interview series to belatedly celebrate my babyblog’s birthday. 

I hope you all are having a great time, with the holiday season just around the corner. Celebrate these days to the fullest, with all your loved ones and make them feel extra-special! This tragedy has once again served as a reminder for me to treat each moment with love and tenderness, cherish the time I spend with the people around me and tell them again and again how much I love them!

And I love you all for sticking around despite the long absence! Thank you people, you mean the world to me! <3

Please stay tuned for the upcoming post!Until next time..



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