Breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossom flowers, blooming in their full glory besides a serene Kyoto temple-the quintessential image of Japan in the hearts of many. Really honored and extremely happy to have the young and preppy Fashion model and accessory designer, who is as beautiful as her name, Sakura-the cherry blossom flower!
LMW: Sakura san, yokoso! Welcome to my humble abode, thanks for taking out time for my readers!
Sakura san : Hi:) You’re welcome! Thanks for having me here!
Dress from her collection.
LMW: I am such a huge fan of your quirky personality and edgy style, please tell us a little about yourself.

 Sakura san: I love PUNK fashion and cute styles. I also love Lolita fashion, which is a Kawaii style in Harajyuku. So  I mix these trends and create something unique and personal. 

New accessory designed by Sakura san. 
LMW: It is wonderful to see such a young person as you, dabble in so many things.  When did you decide to enter the modelling world?Did you face any hurdles while realizing your dream?

Sakura san: Actually I didn’t decide to enter the modelling world. It’s my hobby as a Fashion university student.  One day KERA magazine’s staff (whom I had known since my High School days) invited me to their photo studio and I found it really interesting.  I had a firm belief in them and wanted to try that work.  I wanted to know about the realities of life at a fashion magazine.  Finally I decided to go there, and it was my first time modeling. I was really nervous but I made my trademark funny face and decided to go with the flow. I wanted to show them my real feelings and found a sense of freedom in that. Moreover, I was just so happy to wear nice dresses!  haha  😀

The most difficult thing was management of my life. 
My university(Bunka Fasion university) is very prestigious and the curriculum was difficult. I strived hard to study all subjects related to fashion and wanted to excel.
Naturally my schedule was always so busy. I ran between university and work all day, every week. I used to feel stressful about that lifestyle but this was my choice. 
Sometimes I got sad. I didn’t understand it but I always felt it. I used to go to the restroom and  cried alone.  Maybe I was working too hard at such a young age (I was 16 that time!). 
Secondly, my parents did not like my fashion(PUNK). Especially my mother. She likes the style of Burberry girls. haha! So it was a war like situation at home.

Things have become smoother now!But those days were really hard for me and my parents.So sorry mom! 🙂

Design board featuring her designs.
LMW: You have also recently started accessory designing, many congratulations for your new venture! What inspires you to create the accessories? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sakura san: I take inspiration from things around me, my life. I always felt a need for big cute accessories which were light in weight, for my neck (which is fragile) haha! But all the new styles were really heavy and that’s when I decided to create some of my own.They are really light-weight and won’t burden your neck or shoulders!Avant-garde design, my PUNK soul!

At work, in her studio! via Instagram 
LMW: Sakura san, many of the ladies reading this interview must be eager to know about your diet and fitness routine. Can you please tell us something about your everyday exercise and meal plan?

Sakura san: I walk for about 2 hours everyday, to and fro from my home and the university. I think walking is the best way to keep your body fit.  Also I intake lots of natural, whole foods throughout the day. Keeping a check on my body line is also something that I do.

LMW: One fashion tip for our readers!

Sakura san: Faux fur items for the winters (bracelets and tops) and big hats for the warmer months. It looks so gorgeous and sexy.

LMW: Thank you so much for letting us get a glimpse of your life Sakura san. 
Sakura san: It was a pleasure! 🙂
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