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 Of late, so many of my buds are facing something which i guess, might be a quarter life crisis.  The professions they have chosen is the result of years of hardwork and sweat put in. Having studied really well all through school and college, cracking the toughest of entrance exams and toiling hard to reach the very place they are in today-but success doesn’t seem to be as sweet as it appeared to be. Now what? What next?

It is sad to see so many twenty somethings, in the prime of their youth, battling signs of depression and feelings of emptiness. And this is where I want to jolt you and let you know that you are just fine. Sounds harsh much? But my friend you have sailed through high storms and that thing called puberty-which was scarier and more stressful than anything could ever be. So I repeat, you are just fine and you will be ok. And I want to share with you some stuff which might help you and many others kick this douchebag, hard!

DEVELOP A HOBBY. And make sure you take out the time to pursue it.

ob_a1c08d_maryanne-moodie4-jpg This was an advice given to me by my lil sis, years back. Wise one, eh! First let’s get this straight, I don’t want to sound like some self-help guru (which I clearly am not), but trust me on this one. When I made my first tapestry, that strange looking-excuse of a weave, I felt like I have created the most beautiful art piece ever. (I surely have gotten better. 😀 )And that happy feeling remains. So do what feels you man. If you like to paint, get your paintbrushes out. If pottery is your thing, yes Neha I am talking to you-join that weekend workshop. Do something which will challenge your creative abilities and with every pot that you make, you will feel all those bad vibes around you melting away. 

MARK THAT WEEKEND AS FAMILY DAY. And make some nice plans with your folks.


I need to finish a presentation by Monday.. I have some designwork to complete. .I am running late on my monthly report… Yea man, been there done that. So I am sorry, excuse not taken. You work to live, so please stop living to work! (tumblr reference yea) Weekend should be family time. Catch up on a nice new movie or if staying in is more your thing, whip up a nice sunday brunch. Nothing calms you like family. Your mums nagging, your papa’s famous silence n all, your sisters puberty-driven-angst..all these are the world’s greatest blessing my friend. The very beings who will help you stay close to the person you really are.

TRY A NEW EXERCISE ROUTINE. Make sure to set realistic goals.


 Nothing boosts you more than ticking those health goals off your list. But the same old workout can leave you bored and often demotivated. It’s time to venture into new fitness territory and rework your exercise routine. If you haven gone tired of the treadmill, why not try jogging instead. There are Pilates studios, Taekwondo Dojangs, Yoga Centers. You can even learn a new sport you know. Sweat it out and keep your spirits high!

DECLUTTER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS.You don’t actually have 1234 friends do you?


Why should every Mary, Anne, Susan have access to your personal space on the not so personal web? It’s time you bid goodbye to people who don’t add any value to your (social) life. You don’t need that ex-colleague who never misses an update but hasn’t bothered to connect with you after sending that friend request. The acquaintances who leave no stone unturned to carry out Guerilla warfare on your harmless posts.  You don’t need to feel any obligations to keep them around. Delete. Declutter.

CONTRIBUTE  TO A SOCIAL CAUSE. Or start one of your own.


Img: Volunteers at a Sikh Gurudwara preparing meals for distribution

The importance of sharing can not be denied. That warm, fuzzy feeling when you make a difference, no matter how big or small, will help you to keep going. You are at a place where so many unfortunate others could never even dream of being, so share your success with them. Don’t wait for your retirement to sponsor a child or adopt an abandoned pup. Lend a helping hand at your local homeless shelters and be the change that you want to see!

And lastly, don’t forget to thank the Almighty for the countless blessings He has showered you with. Live each day with renewed hope and a desire to add meaning to this beautiful life.

Until next time..


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