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I wanted to share something about Beauty Subscription Boxes 
so I thought of bringing the expert on board. Read on to find out about the best-in-the-business-boxes which are a great 
value for money. Big hug to dearest Katie. 
Hey there! I’m Katie aka Subscription Box Girl. By day I am a graduate student in a health care field and by night, I am an avid gamer, lover of food, animal mama, and… a subscription box junkie. My favorite subscription boxes are geek, lifestyle, indie, and of course – beauty boxes! Katyayini recently asked me to put together for her readers a “who’s who” of the beauty box subscription world and I was more than happy to do so – I love sharing my passion!
The world of subscription boxes has exploded over the last few years, with many new boxes popping up each month. Luckily for beauty box subscribers, there are many to choose from and many that are a great value for your money. Many of these subscription services offer reduced prices if you sign up for multiple months or an annual subscription. If you love getting mailbox surprises and trying out new makeup, skincare, and hair care products as much as I do, give one of these boxes a try!
My top 5 beauty subscription boxes:
1. BIRCHBOX - www.birchbox.com
COST- $10/Month
Birchbox Curated June 2015 (10)

Birchbox is the original beauty subscription box and most 
beauty subscription boxes model themselves after their set-up.You can choose one of your samples each month ahead of time, but the rest will be a surprise based on the beauty profile you fill out when you sign-up. 
Birchbox also offers a curated box each month where the items are picked out by a special guest editor. You can also pick the curated box instead of your regular box each month.
Via the Birchbox rewards program, points can be redeemed when shopping in the Birchbox online store. 
2. IPSY GLAM BAG - www.ipsy.com
COST- $10/Month
Ipsy Glam Bag June 2015 Review (8)
Every month you will receive a makeup bag filled with four to five beauty products from both drugstore and higher-end brands. The sizes of the items are typically deluxe-sample or 
full size.For this year, the value of the monthly bag has 
been on average between $30 and $50. The makeup bags are reusable and cute enough to be gifted too! The "theme" of the month is announced via social media and email before the bags are sent out.The company is founded by popular YouTube vlogger & makeup artist Michelle Phan, so the products you are sent are makeup artist approved! The only downside to Ipsy is that there is a wait to sign-up for it unless you share a lot of their company related items via social media.
3.BOXYCHARM - www.boxycharm.com
COST- $21/Month
This subscription beauty box is number one on my wanted list! Boxycharm is a deluxe sample size and full size makeup and
 beauty monthly subscription box that includes makeup, 
skin care, nail items, haircare, fragrance and more. 
Even better, at least 4 of those items will be full-sized! 
Recent boxes have had about $100 worth of products inside of them - fantastic value for the price. The boxes have included fun items that I would really want to try and even though they advertise containing drugstore beauty items, often times the brands are new to me. This is definitely a top value 
beauty box - give Boxycharm a try and tell me what you think!

(Image courtesy of Boxycharm)
4. BEAUTY FIX BY DERMSTORE- www.dermstore.com
This is far and beyond my current favorite!A monthly beauty
 and makeup subscription box called Beauty Fix, it recently 
relaunched itself and was previously known as the Blush Mystery Beauty Box.I have been blown away by the products 
contained in the 
Beauty Fix box-they include so many high-end brands and full size items! The value each month has been well over $100 and there has been a great mix of types of products; they seem to include less makeup products than other beauty boxes, so I 
think this box is well worth it if you want to go beyond makeup products in a subscription box. I have already found a few new to me beauty products from this subscription service that I plan on buying after I run out of them-not always the 
case with other boxes!
5. VEGAN CUTS - www.vegancuts.com
COST- $19.95/Month + FREE US Shipping
Vegan Cuts Beauty Box May 2015 (1)
Vegan Cuts is a Canadian company which brings you vegan 
beauty and makeup products that are 
ecofriendly and natural. The items are guaranteed to be 100% cruelty free and paraben free. The value of a typical box is roughly double the cost of the box; this is a great deal 
as vegan and cruelty free beauty products usually have much higher price tags than traditional makeup boxes. They send a 
nice assortment of makeup, skincare, bath care, and other personal use products too.If you are interested in vegan, 
ecofriendly, and/or natural beauty, other boxes to consider 
are Goodebox (www.goodebox.com) and Kloverbox (www.kloverbox.com) - they are well worth a mention for the items they provide, their curation, and their customer service!
Lesser known Beauty Boxes that you can try!
6. SO SUSAN LIP LOVE- www.sosusan.com
COST- $15.95/Month+Shipping
So Susan Lip Love May 2015 (9)
 They are a UK based makeup company and send out a monthly 
bag filled with lip products and other makeup items that are 100% cruelty free and have very nice quality products. 
Each month 
they curate a themed assortment of goodies - often including other cruelty free brands and surprise items like jewelry. I love that each month's subscription comes in a very nicely 
decorated makeup bag that matches with the month's theme. Do take a look at their website to see how gorgeous their 
product packaging is -the bags are beautifully designed in-house! I have been very impressed with their subscription service so far and am looking forward to their coming month's 
boxes.Quick and helpful customer service if you 
have any issues or questions.
7. TARGET BEAUTY BOXES- www.target.com
COST- $7 Onwards
Target Beauty Box Summer 2015 (1)The Target Beauty Boxes are not a subscription box, but they definitely deserve a mention in this list. They are offered 
quarterly and have a lot of bang for the buck! Sold only on 
Target.com, the most recent beauty box cost only $7 and had 
$50 of items inside it! They include a good mix of makeup, 
skincare, hair care, and other products, and many of the items are full size, that are newer to the market for you to try. It is not a surprise box and all items are listed out, but 
there may be variation in nail polish colors, or types of products from one brand included.It 
also includes a money off coupon in every box for future 
purchases in-store or online.
8.THE BEAUTY CROP BOX - www.beautycrop.com
COST- $15.95 + Shipping
The newest beauty subscription to pop up in the market, it is a 100% cruelty free makeup company and their items have been featured in a few other subscription boxes including So Susan and Boxycharm - it's very exciting that they are 
starting their own subscription service. Their quarterly box will contain carefully selected products beautifully designed and hand-picked just for you.Each box will be curated with a theme and will contain beauty, 
lifestyle, and fashion products.The theme of their first subscription box is "Fit" - I definitely am checking this subscription out, as it looks like it will be filled with great 
(image courtesy of The Beauty Crop)
If you are interested in other subscription reviews, be sure to check out my site www.subscriptionboxgirl.com or find me on social media @subboxgirl – I’d love to hear what you all think about beauty boxes!
 Until next time..
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